KKFCG - About Us

Who are we?

At our core, we are a local community-based organization that sprung to life in the year 2001. Our story, however, is woven from the aspirations and collective efforts of the resilient residents of two vibrant villages nestled near the lush embrace of the forest. With over 500 dedicated members, we represent a union of local community self-help groups who have come together to protect and preserve the natural treasures that surround us.

Strength in Unity: The Power of Nine

The heart of our organization beats with the unity of nine dynamic and passionate member groups. Each group brings its own unique strengths, talents, and perspectives to the table. Together, we form a force to be reckoned with, driven by a common purpose and shared values.

Kinondo Women Group

Jeza Ulole

Umoja Women

Lola Rako Group

Kaya Kinondo Cultural Group

Chale Women Group

Go Ndigo

Chale Kilimo Self-Help Group

Rikupigaro Women Group

Our Goal

A well protected Kaya Kinondo heritage site that promotes sustainable environmental conservation and social development to the local people living around the site.

Our Objectives

To promote sound conservation of the Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest for the benefit of the present and future generations of the Kinondo Community

To increase and equitably share all socio-economic benefits that are derived through conservation of the forest to the local communities

Our Functions

Advancing conservation/ forest protection activities around the Kaya Kinondo Forest like tree planting, boundary enforcements and domestication of plants species

Dispute resolution among group members and community segments involved directly in site management

Protecting all project assets that help in daily running of the site project

Fundraising to advance in natural and cultural heritage preservation

Ensuring equitable sharing of project benefits to all project target beneficiaries

Coordinating and streamlining all stakeholders around the site

Come and be a part of us.

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