The Go Blue and TCH Project


The Go Blue Kenya project is a partnership between the EU and the Government of Kenya to advance the Blue Economy Agenda through Coastal Development.

Under the umbrella of the Blue Economy, the overall objective of the programme is to unlock the potential of sea-land opportunities in coastal urban centres for sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth with employment impact, while conserving and sustainably using the coastal and marine environment as well as promoting effective and integrated maritime governance.

The project is being implemented in the six coastal counties of Kenya, namely, Kilifi, Kwale, Lamu, Mombasa, Taita Taveta and Tana River.

Project Information

The Go Blue Tourism and Cultural Heritage component aims to contribute to strengthening the value chains of these sectors in an inclusive and sustainable way in Kenya.

Kaya Kinondo Forest Conservation group is one among many other beneficiaries of this program across the 6 Coastal Counties in Kenya Coast.


Project Title

Improving Cultural tourism in Kaya Kinondo heritage site for sustainable heritage protection and for enhanced tourist experience.


Project Summary

Cultural tourism in Kaya Kinondo is enhanced and promoted for sustained income opportunities to local people while increasing inclusivity of youth and women for sound management of the heritage site as a tourism attraction



Camoes IP through Jumuiya ya Kaunti za Pwani



To raise earnings by increasing number of visitors and enhancing tourist satisfaction based on preserving cultural heritage and conservation of Kaya Kinondo heritage site.


Site of Intervention

Within and around Kaya Kinondo sacred forest in Kinondo village, Kinondo ward, Msambweni Sub County of Kwale County Kenya


Duration of Intervention

The project shall take 24 months. April 1st 2022 – April 30th 2024


Budget of intervention: 2,472,225.00

Intervention Activities

Providing Training on important tourism business management skills like bookkeeping,marketing, standards & hygiene, customer care and guest relations to members of the conservation group. Capacity building trainings to 20 local youth on tour guiding and first aiding.

Create and provide visitors information materials and equipment’s in the Kaya Kinondo visitor information Centre and around the heritage site.

Source and restore the traditional and cultural authentic artefacts in catering, cultural dances, cultural ceremonies for visitor experience and satisfaction

Promote marketing of the Kaya Kinondo tourism products through web links, social media links and enhancing the Kaya Kinondo cultural open days.

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